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  • Bowtech Bowtech Realm SR6 RH 60# Black

Bowtech Realm SR6 RH 60# Black

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The Realm SR6 by BowTech, high performance, accurate, smooth, quiet, powerful, low after shot recoil, more balanced & shooter-friendly, speed to burn, micro-tune every aspect for ultimate accuracy, forgiveness, delivers maximum limb efficiency, noise & vi

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The BowTech Realm SR6 is the ultimate high performance hunting bow.

The ability to micro-tune every facet of the cam system for the ultimate in tenability and forgiveness.

The SR6 in Realm SR6 stands for Speed Redefined. The bow was put through an extensive sound and vibration laboratory test and BowTech fine tuned it to create a super smooth bow before and after the shot. Powered by the newly designed, weighted overdrive binary cam system, the Realm SR6 is smooth to draw and accurate to shoot.

Realm SR6 by BowTech delivers maximum limb efficiency, vibration reduction through innovative damping and superior design to create a very stable shooting platform. BowTech has launched the Realm SR6 with a new slogan that could not be more fitting for a hunting bow of this calibre "The Realm Series. The most accurate bows on the planet!".

The Realm SR6 is truly a standout show stopper that has immense performance with speed to burn.

The Realm SR6 design retains many of BowTech's unique technologies to create their most refined hunting bow to date.

Each year BowTech create bows that are silky smooth, whisper quiet, super fast while having tremendously low after shot recoil.

A valuable addition to the Realm SR6 is the Clutch Performance Grip. This grip is of a modular, flat design with different angle options that promote consistent hand placement and reduces torque.

Evolving from its predecessors, the Realm SR6 utilises a significantly stiffer riser that flares out at the top and bottom into wider braced sections. This riser features multiple mounting points for the Orbit Dampener. This is a unit that acts as both a dampener and a weight that can be strategically placed to offset the imbalance caused by the addition of accessories, while reducing unwanted vibration.

BowTech's OverDrive Binary Cam system gives the archer 100% control over the tuning of their bow, allowing micro adjustments for cam orientation, synchronisation, lean and draw length. This cam system remains the industry standard for efficiency. The Realm SR6 system features Cam Synchronisation Axles that feature dual bearings and are locked into the rotation of the cam.

BowTech's PowerShift Technology Flip Disc and Micro Sync Dial offer a customisable draw cycle and tuning capability for performance and comfort. The performance setting will make your bow as fast as possible, while the comfort setting will give the bow as smooth a draw cycle as possible. You can fine-tune your cams without the need for a bow press with the Micro Sync Dial, an innovative tool that gives a shooter 10 micro dial adjustments for fast and efficient cam synchronisation.

CPX technology delivers maximum limb efficiency, noise reduction and superior stability to create a very stable shooting platform. The CP Dual Lock system creates expert precision, stability and accuracy by locking the solid core limbs to the pocket and the pocket to the riser. This pocket is of a much wider stance spanning 2.75" and also incorporates BowTech's widest quad limb ever, measuring 1" across each limb. Every BowTech model bow is required to withstand over 100,000 shot cycles.

The FLX Guard cable containment system aids in eliminating accuracy robbing riser torque, while providing maximum vane clearance at the end of the shot cycle.

The combination of all these technologies provide the ultimate bow, micro tuning for superior accuracy, draw cycle choices for ultimate performance and silky smooth draw and an ultra stable and balanced platform for a dead solid hold.

It feels amazing in the hand. The angled, smooth and narrow grip melts into your palm, making you want to shoot the bow.

A bow producing speeds up to 337 feet per second can sometimes be known as having a harsh, aggressive draw cycle. BowTech engineers have destroyed this stereotype with the Realm SR6 by creating one of the smoothest draw cycles an archer could experience on a compound bow.

When you see the extent of BowTech technologies, you know you are buying a genuine product from industry innovators. Why buy an imitation when you can have the original?

Specs at a glance

    • IBO Speed up to 352fps on performance setting
    • Weight ranges 50-60lbs, 60-70lbs. Please specify weight required. All bows are adjustable 10lbs down from the peak draw weight
    • Draw length range 25.5"-30". All bows feature draw length adjustments in 0.5" increments with rotating modules
    • Brace Height 6"
    • Axle to Axle 32"
    • Mass weight 4.3lbs
    • Let-Off 80%
    • Centre Pivot Extreme (CPX) Reflexed Riser
    • Carbon Solid Core Limbs
    • OverDrive Binary Cams - the only cam system with identical cams that are linked together & can be easily adjusted, providing 100% control of both vertical & horizontal nock travel
    • Weighted cam design for incredible arrow speeds and a smooth draw
    • CP Dual Lock - double-locking limb pockets, creating zero tolerance stability & repeatable accuracy
    • Rotating Modules
    • Micro Sync Technology
    • Cam Synchronisation Axles with dual bearings, locked into the rotation of the cam
    • FLX Guard - terminates riser torque, providing increased forgiveness & accuracy
    • Clutch Performance Grip - the most comfortable modular grip on the market
    • Orbit Dampener - multi-positioning to offset accessory weight while absorbing unwanted vibration
    • Solid-Core Limbs, one piece wide platform, solid core construction that provides the ultimate in stability & durability
    • PowerShift Flip Disc Technology - customise the draw cycle to adapt to any shooting style
    • Single String Suppressor makes release even quieter and counters the greatest amount of vibration
  • Made in USA

This bow is a culmination of advancements in technology that cannot be ignored.

The Realm Series. The smoothest drawing bow BowTech has to offer. The most accurate bows on the planet! Innovations. Accuracy. The cornerstone of BowTech is accuracy.

Now is the time to own your Realm SR6!