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  • Beestinger Beestinger Pro Hunter Maxx Stabilizer 8" (Black)

Beestinger Pro Hunter Maxx Stabilizer 8" (Black)

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When you're ready to draw back on that trophy of a lifetime, the last thing you need is a wandering pin. The Pro Hunter MAXX is engineered to keep you steady under pressure while reducing vibration.

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To understand why the Bee Stinger™ works, we first need to define the role of a stabilizer in archery. A stabilizer should hold your bow steady both while at full draw and at the time of release while shooting. The Bee Stinger™ embodies the definition of stabilization. When an archer is holding at full draw, there are many forces built up in the cables, limbs, and back of the archer, etc. When the arrow is released, these forces change suddenly. These changing forces affect the bow in addition to the flight of the arrow. The job of the stabilizer is to resist the movement of the bow resulting from these forces.


The most common way used in slowing down any objects movement is to make it heavier. If rotational deflection (i.e. torque) was not a factor, the answer would simply be to increase the mass weight of the bow. However, since rotational forces are at play, the weight is much more effective when it is moved away from the center of rotation. This is the very reason tight rope walkers use a very long pole, golf clubs have the head, and the very end of baseball bats are bigger and heavier at one end. The patented design of the Bee Stinger™ has the moments of inertia (the compact disc weight) at the furthest point of attachment from the bow or the “distal end”.  The Bee Stinger™ utilizes a very light yet ultra-rigid carbon fiber rod to connect the disc weight to the bow, keeping every mechanical advantage working in the archers’ advantage. The light weight ultra-rigid carbon rod is critical to the system for numerous reasons. If the connecting rod is too heavy, it adds mass weight to the bow but it does not allow the archer to use the weight effectively.  In addition, if the rod is weak or the weight is “disconnected” from the rigid bar with rubber, the weight cannot effectively resist the forces exerted on the bow before the arrow has left the string.  This is caused by the flexible rod or rubber attaching the weight having to “load up” (i.e. finish flexing) before the moments of inertia become effective in resisting said forces.  Allowing these forces to impact the bow causes a less steady sight picture and a less forgiving bow.


Bee Stinger™ works because the weight is concentrated at the distal end and the connecting rod is ultra-light and rigid. These are the qualities that make for the best stabilizer on the market!  These qualities only exist in Bee Stinger’s patented technology.